Getting Started


Blutui enables you to create websites without limits or constraints. We take care of the backend, so you can focus on what matters, your content.

This guide assumes you are familiar with some basic terminal commands and that you have node.js and npm installed already.


To access your sites files, you will need to install our CLI tool.

npm install --global @blutui/cli


MacOS and Linux users may need to use sudo

Accessing your files

First make sure you have created a new site in the Blutui Console. Next, first need to log in.

blutui login

You will be prompted for your email & password for your Blutui account.

Next, to download your project enter the following command:

blutui download

Your projects will be listed, if you are part of an Organisation, those sites will also appear.

Publishing file changes

You're now ready to start modifying your sites html, css, and javascript. You can publish those changes with:

blutui push

Your updated code will now be reflected at your sites address, which you can find on your sites settings page in the console.

View all of the available commands for the Blutui CLI.

Last Updated: 7/16/2019, 4:06:00 AM