Directory Structure

The default Blutui project structure is intended to provide a clean starting point for building your sites. However, you are almost completely free to change your projects structure to fit your workflow.


  • public/

    • The public directory, as you might expect, contains your projects public assets. CSS, JS, and image files can all be found in this folder and are accessable from the your browser.
  • private/

    • The private directory is the default location for your projects SCSS and JS files. By default Blutui uses Laravel Mix to bundle your projects assets. You are free to change this folder or remove it completely.
  • views/

    • The views directory is the location for your projects .html templates.


    Only the public/ and views/ folders are required for Blutui to work properly. You are free to organize your projects into whatever order that suits you.

Last Updated: 7/5/2019, 4:01:56 AM